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Don't get your financial future off track by
taking out a high-cost payday or title loan.

The Small Dollar Loan program can lend to those not eligible for bank and credit union loans that require credit checks.

We offer low-interest employment based loans, which are fixed to ensure affordable payments and greater financial security.

Why borrow with the Small Dollar Loan program? 

Loans available

 from $400- $1,000

No prepayment penalties 

No hidden costs –

18% fixed interest,

$20 origination fee

Payback period - 12 months

No credit check required

Free financial 


& counselling 

  • Do you pull my credit report when I apply for a loan?
    No, we do not require credit checks on our Small Dollar Loans.
  • What happens to my loan payments if I change jobs?
    If you leave your participating employer while you have a Small Dollar Loan, your scheduled loan repayments will be automatically drafted by us from your checking account, which you provide on your initial loan application. We will draft repayments from your checking account until your loan is paid in full.
  • Can I borrow additional funds?
    Once you pay down half of your orginal loan balance, you can then apply for a new loan. However, a borrower can never have an outstanding loan over $1,000.
  • Are there any fees with the Small Dollar Loan?
    There is a $20 loan fee that you must pay. This fee is built into your loan, so you do not have to pay any upfront costs with the Small Dollar Loan program. The $20 fee does not accrue interest and the re-payment is divided evenly over the 12 month repayment period.
  • Can you help me create a budget?
    Yes! All Small Dollar Loan borrowers are eligible to receive free financial education with Chattanooga Neighborhood Enterprise. We offer a variety of educational opportunities to help meet your financial goals – these include our popular “Money School”, home buying workshops and meeting with a personal financial counselor.
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