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Small Dollar Loans

We offer affordable, low-interest

employment  based loans up to $1,000 with

no credit checks or collateral. 

Customer Service

Unexpected financial expenses happen

to everyone 

But 58% of Americans don't have $1,000

in their bank account to cover these life events. 

Tennessee has the most predatory lenders in the country. 

There are more payday lenders than there are McDonald's locations. 

Cost per $500 Borrowed

In Tennessee, the annual percentage rate is

426% on payday loans.

An average payday loan borrower is indebted 5 months out the year – this equates to paying $958.39 in fees to borrow $500 for 5 months.


At the Community Loan Center, we give borrowers 12 months to repay their loan with a fixed annual percentage rate of 21%.

In Tennessee, the average loan is $221 a

Community Loan Center

TN payday lender

  • Loans available from $400 - $1,000

  • 18% fixed interest rate 

  • No credit history needed

  • No collateral needed

  • 12 month repayment, with no prepayment penalties

  • Affordable monthly payments through convenient payroll deduction

  • Loans can be used for any purpose

  • Free financial education and counseling

Small Dollar Loans

A better alternative

to high-interest

payday loans 

How the

Small Dollar Loan program works

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